2010-10-30 55 -4

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Sat 30 Oct 2010 in Glasgow, United Kingdom:
55.8277738, -4.2624876

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Behind Langside College in Glasgow (approximately fifteen minutes walk from my house).


A rather poorly James.


To call it a plan would be a little excessive - I was busy on Saturday but at 9:30 pm wanted to check if the geohash for Halloween was going to be anywhere close. When the location for the 30th showed up and I did a double take, as it was just along the road from my house. Further checking showed it was fifteen minutes walk from my house. Unfortunately I was under the weather, but with public transport assistance I left home at 10 and was at the location at 10:10 (and back home by 10:40).

Looking at the map today I wish I had gone for this at 4pm, as it would have been fairly trivial for me to get a juggernaut achievement (thanks to the path next to the railway, and the college being open for Saturday classes).


My biggest problem was trying to get something to show the correct location on my new phone (the iPhone app is great at showing the location; unfortunately when it feeds this to Google Maps it then guesses you're looking for an address, which gave me completely the wrong part of Langside College).

I eventually downloaded another GPS tool and it appeared to show the correct location. However it showed that I wasn't *exactly* at the right place, and unfortunately a locked gate and my lack of eight foot high wall scaling skills stopped me getting to the tree Google Maps showed was the exact location. However checking on Google Maps today it appears that I got within about 40 feet (and with my GPS showing an accuracy of 16 ft) I'm still going to claim this as a win.