2010-10-30 43 -79

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Sat 30 Oct 2010 in 43,-79:
43.8277738, -79.2624876

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Today's geohash was in a parking lot to a commercial building, on Passmore Ave. near Maybrook Dr. in Scarborough.




2 hashes in 2 days? Fantastic. This point looks to be a front parking lot to a commercial business, which means the parking lot should be empty as well. Bonus. I may try to do something new in getting there, in order to get an achievement.

I've figured out what acheivement too. Can you believe I've never used primarily public transit to get to a geohash yet? There's a reason for that. It takes too damn long.

There's a bus that essentially takes me directly to the hash today that takes an hour to get there. It takes 20 minutes by car. That's right, I'm going to waste twice as much time on this geohash today, partly to make up for forgetting to go geohashing yesterday.



Of course, I missed my bus. That means that the first part of my journey included waiting a half hour. In the time it took for the next bus to show up, I could have already been at the geohash. When I do finally get there, the parking lot had a few cars in it. More then that, there was a door open to let fresh air in. I look over to the glass near the front door and I can see someone working in the office. More then that, they can see me quite clearly if they want. I push that out of my mind, and go about zero-ing in my GPS. 1m with an accuracy of 5m means that I got to the point. Yay!

I quickly walk back up to the sidewalk and decide to take my further photos outside of the parking lot.

Walking to the bus stop, I become resigned to the fact that I would have to wait a half hour. Checking the TTC website as I walk, I notice the route finder also suggests taking the 130 Middlefield bus north to Steeles and then 53 Steeles back to Finch station. I decide to go to a convenience store to get a chocolate bar for myself first. Then I walk over to the bus stop I would need to take the 42 Cummer back to Finch directly, and wait the extra 15 minutes when I take a look at the transit map. I watch the 130 roll by, and then I turn around and look at the transit map. Steeles is close, close enough to walk. I then checked the ttc route finder. The Steeles bus would take me home quicker.

Walking towards Steeles, I start to feel stupid for not hoping on the Middlefield bus. I get on the 53 Steeles, but as we get to Leslie, the driver announces that he's doing a short turn at the Willowdale loop. So I grab a transfer and hop on the next 53 Steeles to roll by and that one takes me to Finch. As I get down to the concourse, I grab another transfer as it says the time just as I leave.

All in all, a little over 3 hours to make a few snaps. Still, pretty fun.




Splitdipless earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -79) geohash on 2010-10-30 via 42 Cummer, 53 Steeles TTC busses.