2010-10-28 53 -113

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Thu 28 Oct 2010 in Edmonton:
53.0449433, -113.1480959

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A hash for the most noble cause of all - cake.





Bony the skeleton

The Lead Up...[edit]

With b_cereus out of town on the rig, the devil makes work for J and Phi-loci-raptor. That means a red wine and rum fuelled guitar hero cake making halloween decorating frenzy!! Poor b_cereus, however, can only participate via telephone. Maybe tomorrow we can take him some cake? But not to the rig...hmmm... "Haha how about the geohash!!!?" "Yeah!!!"

Thinking that the hash would turn out to be completely impractical, we were all surprised and just a little excited to find that the hash was not only in a very accessible location about 40m off the road into a field but in perfect spot between home and the rig!! We arranged to meet at 8pm.


Phi-loci-raptor and J decide to bring Bony the skeleton along for the ride, since he helped bake the cake. We pack up some cake, belt in Bony, decide on the best way to get there, and set off.

Meanwhile, in another graticule, a lone MWD hand sets out into the night.

Team Edmonton head south down the highway 2 then turn off south-SE onto 2a. It gets progressively harder and harder to see as the fog gets thicker and the streetlights get fewer. Driving east down a township road we come to the end of the bitumen. It really didn't look this far on the map! Just another 10 mins... or so..

With all the fog, darkness and deer we are reduced to about 40km/hr and 10 minutes keeps on stretching out to .. just another 5. Then 5 minutes later... just another 4. The best part is that every time J looks in the rearview mirror, there's a skeleton staring back at him. Finally as we draw near we see the first headlights for the last half hour. It could only be b_cereus - who else would be out here at this time!?

We park the cars and head into the foggy field. Luckily Phi-loci-raptor's bottomless purse happens to hold a torch. Just a little way in and we find the spot! (iPhone and GPS not quite at the same place). Time for the celebration!!! Pretty sure that this deserved a Frozen Geohash achievement judging by my fingers but without proof are happy with a Pie Geohash.


Phi-loci-raptor, Jeremy and b_cereus earned the Pie Geohash Achievement
by baking chocolate cake for other people to degustate at the (53, -113) geohash on 2010-10-28.