2010-10-27 47 -122

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Wed 27 Oct 2010 in 47,-122:
47.8220939, -122.2969168

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The parking lot of a Fred Meyer near Lynnwood.




Time to put this GeohashDroid app to the test. Using only that, I navigated from work to the geohash point, without prior research of it's location. Well, okay, I knew it was more or less on the way home, but not specifically where.

The maps occasionally act a little screwy - zooming in a little too far so your "dot" is off the screen, but overall I was able to find my way there. I must say my well-worn Garmin was more than a little bit jealous - a problem easily solved by unplugging it from power for a few minutes, unfortunately.

As driving in a parking lot and watching the geohash droid screen is *not* recommended, I found a spot to park that was withing 10 meters, then walked out and hoofed it. The cute little app responded by flashing a message when I was closer than accuracy could reflect - found it!

I then grabbed the convenient sidewalk chalk I always carry and marked the spot for posterity - roughly equivalent to three days if it doesn't rain, three hours otherwise.