2010-10-25 -37 175

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Mon 25 Oct 2010 in -37,175:
-37.9375992, 175.1934044

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In a paddock, not far off SH39, Te Rore



Drive there on my way back from family gathering in Hamilton


I almost set off this morning on a mission out of my home graticule without looking at the hash, what was I thinking? Turns out there was a hash only 30 km from my destination, in a paddock not far off a main highway.

After the family brunch, I drove there, parked up, and wandered up to the farmers house and asked permission with the usual 'this is random but' rant. After a hefty conversation about everything possible, permission was obtained and I used my GPS phone to find the location. It was in a recently hoed paddock that was to be planted in maize that afternoon - good timing. Hash attained, and i wandered back to my car.

An interesting feature nearby was the Te Rore War Memorial - remembering eight local soldiers whos lives were taken in WWII. Eight trees were planted to commemorate them, which had grown into fine large specimens. In a neighbouring paddock was a Kauri tree planted in 1937 to mark the Coronation of King George VI. The view of the nearby extinct volcano - Mt Pirongia (960 m)- was superb.




Greenslime earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from farmer to access the (-37, 175) geohash on 2010-10-25.