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Sun 24 Oct 2010 in Würzburg:
49.8226304, 9.0183318

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Today's location is in a tiny meadow just outside of Sandbach, a part of Breuberg.

Country: Germany; state: Hessen (EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Darmstadt; district: Odenwaldkreis



I had to drive home from my parents' place and I chose a route that would lead me by a hashpoint. Driving along the B38 through the Odenwald was nice. I had to take an unexpected detour because of construction works and one other because my navigations system's map was outdated, but I reached Sandbach without larger setbacks. I parked the car two streets below the hashpoint and took a stairway to the next street, then followed a small track uphill to the forest.

On my right side there was a hedge. First I had a meadow on my left side, then some trees. Next came a thin but long meadow which was in the direction towards the hashpoint, but from the coordinates on my GPS unit I thought I had to climb a little bit more uphill. Soon the track I was on reached another track that was following along the hillside, so I took that one. When I was just north of (and uphill from) the hashpoint, I climbed down in a place where the underbrush was sparse. Then I was west of the hashpoint and next to the last houses of the town. Something that looked like a path towards the hashpoint only led me to a garden hut. I couldn't continue because of bushes and it felt like I was already is somebody's backyard (although there were no markers and no fence), so I went back. I even heard the door of the last house open when I went past their garden so I didn't stop. I climbed a bit back up the hill and tried the next tiny path. After walking around some bushes and over tiny patches of grass I was almost at the hashpoint. When I went around the last bush, I was standing on a thin but long meadow. A short GPS dance later found the hashpoint on that meadow, not in the thorny bushes where I first thought it was.

After taking pictures I decided to go back to the car. In could see on my GPS map that I had almost walked in a circle to get to the hashpoint and this meadow looked similar to the one I had passed earlier, so instead of going back through the forest, I walked to the other side of the meadow. And indeed, there was the track I had climbed earlier. This could have been a very easy geohash, but yay for adventure! I went back to the car and continued along country roads to Würzburg.


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