2010-10-22 -36 174

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Fri 22 Oct 2010 in -36,174:
-36.7786501, 174.6561468

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A driveway, Herald Island, Auckland



All I thought when I saw this one this morning was how rightly PISSED JimmyNZ is going to be when he sees this. This hash falls pretty much bang on between both his house and workplace - about 1 km either way - damn, both honourable couch potato and cubicle hashes just out of his grasp. Hide the knives...

I will get it on his behalf after work.

I feel for you dude...


Another very easily attainable urban hash. This hash landed on Herald Island, a small piece of land joined to the mainland by a thin causeway. The most obvious thing in the neighbourhood is the Air Force Base (see map). I drove to the island after work, parked up and secretly and quickly exited my vehicle, sprinted up the driveway as far as I dared and snapped the picture. Then I proceeded to run around the island 3 times including the causeway, (10.5 km) good fun!

Those light towers trip me right out, remind me of stone henge or something equally mysterious and secretive.