2010-10-19 50 10

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Tue 19 Oct 2010 in 50,10:
50.8608726, 10.8830147

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[edit] Location

On a strip of grass between two fields next to Haarhausen (near Erfurt). At least according to Google Maps and the sattelite pictures that might be veeery old ...

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

I've just got my new GPS so I'm eager to try it out. As I have no other method of transportation I have to use public transport and this hash should be reachable in ~ 17 minutes by train followed by a ~ 2 km walk so I'm going to go for it. Anyone care to join me? I'll try to catch the 18:47 train (STB82983) from Erfurt main station to Haarhausen.

[edit] Expedition

Cloudy, raining and I've already tested my new GPS yesterday (see 2010-10-18 50 10) so I'm gonna stay at home and have a nice hot chocolate instead :)