2010-10-19 50 10

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Tue 19 Oct 2010 in 50,10:
50.8608726, 10.8830147

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On a strip of grass between two fields next to Haarhausen (near Erfurt). At least according to Google Maps and the sattelite pictures that might be veeery old ...



I've just got my new GPS so I'm eager to try it out. As I have no other method of transportation I have to use public transport and this hash should be reachable in ~ 17 minutes by train followed by a ~ 2 km walk so I'm going to go for it. Anyone care to join me? I'll try to catch the 18:47 train (STB82983) from Erfurt main station to Haarhausen.


Cloudy, raining and I've already tested my new GPS yesterday (see 2010-10-18 50 10) so I'm gonna stay at home and have a nice hot chocolate instead :)