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2010-10-19 26 -80

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Tue 19 Oct 2010 in Palm Beach:
26.1417134, -80.2071979

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[edit] About

In the parking lot of a condo in Lauderhill.

[edit] Planning

Although the scenery didn't seem promising, the hashpoint was tantalizingly close to my office (an easy 5 minute drive, but not quite an H.M. for a Cubicle Geohash), so I stopped by during lunch. --Million zillion 22:25, 19 October 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Expedition Reports

[edit] Million zillion

I arrived at about 1pm, and the lot and the condos were fairly quiet. The hashpoint itself turned out to be remarkably well-guarded - it was under the right-front tire of a police cruiser. The Broward County Sheriff in charge of said cruiser was not in sight (he/she probably lives there, or was Just Visiting), so there was no real opportunity for a Police Geohash.

As for scenery, the canal running past the condos turned out to be pleasantly picturesque, by inland South FL standards.

[edit] Photos