2010-10-17 31 -110

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Sun 17 Oct 2010 in Nogales:
31.6340020, -110.8707579

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Forest Service Road 143, south of Santa Ritas



This one was a given. It was in a similar place to one on 2010-01-01 which we didn't allocate enough time to finish and we just HAD to go back. The drive in was 11 miles of bumpy, rocky, dirt road. Just the thing for scraping any rust off the bottom of the SUV. Once we parked, the hash point was 700 feet up, about 0.6 miles away and 2 ridges over. A more direct route would have been 900 feet up but only 0.4 miles. No thanks. We actually extended the 0.6 to about 0.75 on the way down to have less slope to tumble down. I'm sure all the thorny bushes would have kept us from tumbling far. But it was a wonderful (although scratchy) hike with a magnificent view. We even hiked higher to enjoy the 360° view from the small peak. And Wyle even had enough batteries to operate the GPS and camera at the same time.  :)