2010-10-15 33 -118

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Fri 15 Oct 2010 in 33,-118:
33.5154783, -118.4015636

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The deep blue sea, or more accurately in the Pacific Ocean between San Pedro and Catalina Island.


Nation Chief Big Tuna and the 131 to 149 fathers and sons of the Redhawk Nation who attended our Two Harbors camping trip on the weekend of October 15th, 2010.


As the Nation Chief for the Redhawk Nation of the Magdalena Ecke YMCA Adventure Guides I have been carefully monitoring Geohash coordinates for a conjunction with one of our camping trips. Friday morning showed the coordinates to lie nearly on the direct route from San Pedro to Two Harbors. In retrospect I should have requested that the captain of our ferry deviate slightly so as to pass directly over the coordinates. We did come to within less than 1 KM of the point, which, considering the size of the group and mode of transportation, I consider a near miss.