2010-10-14 33 -84

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Thu 14 Oct 2010 in Atlanta:
33.6760280, -84.0184979

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In the back yard of a leasing office for some townhouses in Conyers.



This was into the woods and down a steep hill. I pulled up at the leasing office and everyone was already gone for the day. I walked around the building and knocked on a few doors just to be sure. I didn't have a flash light with me so I turned on the headlights of the truck and started walking into the woods.

The woods were about 200 feet from where I parked and 100 feet into the woods I could no longer see the headlights of the truck. I used the light from the backlight of the camera to see the ground. I did walk into several tree branches and decided that since the geohash spot was on a steep incline down that being in the 10 meter requirement was close enough for me instead of the usual 2. something that I usually do.

I tried taking a few picture with and with out the flash of the camera and none of them show anything.