2010-10-10 52 -1

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Sun 10 Oct 2010 in 52,-1:
52.8328899, -1.9365460

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Either a back garden or the adjacent path, near Blithfield Reservoir, West of Abbots Bromley.




I unwisely decided to follow my nose through Burton, got lost taking needless detours when the roads I was familiar with would have sufficed perfectly well, and finally fought my way out into the country on a gorgeous day and parked up just after the brook on the map.

I had a stroll up through the lanes towards the location and got very confused looking at Google Maps on my phone, which was giving a noticeably different location for the coordinates than the Google Maps site (different spots on the same road). I can't say I reached the location exactly because GPS and data coverage were patchy. One was in a back garden and the other was in a corn field (it turns out the films don't lie on this score - when there's a breeze, corn always rustles like someone is approaching), but I got pretty close. So I went to the vicinity of both locations and wandered around taking snaps.