2010-10-10 50 8

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Sun 10 Oct 2010 in 50,8:
50.8328899, 8.9365460

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In Kirchhain near Marburg, on the northern border of the village



Today's expedition was a solo tour- and I had to be back for lunch. If Google Earth was right, not a big problem. So I started out and fueled up Car, much to the amazement of the cashier of the gas station who wasn't used to such amounts of fuel fitting in a normal car's tank. Well, it WAS pretty empty...

The weather today is really nice, "Golden October" is really fitting. Thus, I cruised quite leisurely through the landscape. With out a "camera man" I wasn't able to photograph this, but this area seems to have lots of sailplane lovers. As soon as I was on the Autobahn I had a flyover of a glider just two hundred meters in front of me, since it was in landing approach it was just 25m above the road. Quite amazing. Twenty kilometers on, there was another club with some planes sitting on an acre and the occasional plane up in the air, supposedly started by winch. The trip itself actually was very uneventful, after all the hash was lying on or next to a road. For a while I thought there was another geohasher on his way behind me, but he just accidently had the same way. When I arrived at the target area, I parked the car behind the next corner (it was a narrow road) and walked back. I was lucky- not only did my gps unit not play any games with me this time, the hash was also lying directly in front of the garden fence of the middle house of the five built in that street. So for once, I was able to reach a geohash coordinate. Yeehah. :) Shot some photos and headed back to a delicious lunch.



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