2010-10-10 31 -110

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Sun 10 Oct 2010 in Nogales:
31.8328899, -110.9365460

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Off the road to Madera Canyon



Excellent placement. The hash point was just north of the road leading into Madera Canyon where we had already planned to camp and hike. So after a 5 mile hike up to Josephine Saddle, we did another half mile to conquer the hash point. We had the option to park along the paved road and walk a couple hundred yards from the spot or do a little dirt road driving and walk a quarter mile down the wash. Good thing we chose the longer walk because there were many spots with 10 foot vertical walls along the wash. Unfortunately, the freshly charged batteries in the GPS died enroute, so we had to take some from the camera to pinpoint the location. Obviously, that prevented us from taking a picture of the GPS, so we just put the batteries back in the camera and took pictures of the location. As proof, anyone is welcome to go verify the 'XKCD' RoadRunner left behind or perhaps zoom in on Google maps after the next satellite photo update.  :)