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Sat 9 Oct 2010 in Würzburg:
49.6427434, 9.8359639

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Today's location is in a forest near Kirchheim.

Country: Germany; state: Baden-Württemberg (EU:DE:BW); administrative region: Stuttgart; district: Main-Tauber-Kreis

Weather: sunny



Hashpoint in reachable distance - check; Saturday - check; No work - check; No other plans for the afternoon - check;Good weather - check; Bike in working condition - check

I cycled through Würzburg and along the country roads I had taken on my very first German expedition. Cycling went fine. On my way, I stopped a few times to save caterpillars from probable death on the road, and once to mourn a roadkilled cat. A few minutes before 4 pm I reached the edge of the hashforest, which is the border between the German states Bayern and Baden-Württemberg. I was able to cycle on the forest tracks with a bit of effort and I stopped near the hashpoint at 15:58. The last ~20 metres were easy and I reached the hashpoint one minute before meetup time, just in time for a picture. Nobody else was there and I spent some time taking pictures of the surroundings.

When I started to walk back to my bike at quarter past 4 a motorcycle drove past on the forest track and the pillion rider waved to me, but apparently they weren't geohashers. The way back home was more difficult and I had to stop a few times to rest my untrained legs.

I cycled 47.8 km.


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