2010-10-09 41 -72

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Sat 9 Oct 2010 in 41,-72:
41.6427434, -72.8359639

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[edit] Location

In the woods of Sunset Rock State Park within sight of the blue-blazed trail.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition

The well-worn track detailed in the hash point description is actually a natural gas pipeline right-of-way. After parking on the shoulder of North Shuttle Road, I walked north until I came to a point where the blue-blazed trail crosses the pipeline route. Along this portion of the trip, I found a long abandoned plastic road pylon (missing its heavy black base) which I took along with me to use, conveniently, to mark the hash point once it was found.

Turning left (west) and walking up hill along the trail, I came to an abandoned road which was probably used when this area was farmland about half a century earlier and turned north. I then bushwacked my way west, approaching the hash point, an old rusted hulk of an automobile was visible, as was the stone wall outlining a rectangular area (visible on aerial photos in Google maps). Reaching the hash point, I posted a "the Internet was here" sign which I sealed inside a one gallon Ziplock(tm) bag, and taped to the found road pylon - this I leaned against a medium sized fallen tree and propped in place with a long and forked stick.

I then headed south, bushwacking my way the short distance to return to the blue-blazed trail, not crossing my previous path, and proceeded south where I met up with the public road. Turning eastward, again, I followed the road back to my car. The entire walk was approximately one mile in, around, out, and back again to my car. A very pleasant excursion. I was able to verify on the ground what I had interpreted in the aerial photos -- the gas pipeline right-of-way, the old farm field surrounded by a stone wall, various stands of evergreen trees, and the trail running back out of the woods. Total time spent was around an hour of enjoyment.

[edit] Achievements

Seth earned the Tron achievement
by reaching and returning from the (41, -72) geohash without crossing his own tracks on 2010-10-09.