2010-10-09 -19 146

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Sat 9 Oct 2010 in -19,146:
-19.6427434, 146.8359639

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Townsville, Australia


On side of Flinders Highway just past Woodstock.



JimmyNZ's Plans[edit]

Will try to get some time off work again and cruise out. Fingers crossed, should be an easy one.

mattyk's Plans[edit]

If I can find time, I will whip out with my whole family some time today. Probably no awesome engraved wooden markers this time.


mattyk's Expedition[edit]

After a day of errands and chores, we headed out from Castletown at 16:30. At about 17:00, just past the point, we crossed the highway and drove up a little railway access track, then followed the precarious railway service track to a spot 15m from the point. We hoofed it the rest of the way, snapped some photos, and came home.

JimmyNZ's Expedition[edit]

Again, managed to get a car, but sadly no-one seemed interested in coming with me so i cruised out at about 1030 this morning alone. This one was magically on the same road, but just closer to Townsville. So after parking up on the side of the road, found a rough road out to the train tacks, then spent 20mins playing tag with my GPS, finally snapped the co-ordinates and went home. Didn't bump into mattyk this time, but since we both seem to be hitting up these hashes, i'll make sure i leave a marker next time. Thats if i get this lucky again.