2010-10-07 45 -122

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The house at the hashpoint.

Thu 7 Oct 2010 in 45,-122:
45.5517399, -122.6501858

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In a front lawn on a residential street in Northeast Portland



I'll go by and see how close I can get. I printed out the Google maps, and attempted to program the GPS in the dark as I walked to the car.



Well, I finally finished up the work I was doing with folks in Asia, and headed off to the hashpoint. The directions from Google Maps didn't match the roadways very well, so I gave up and just took Hwy 30 aways and then turned when the GPS told me to go to the right. (I did remember I needed 15th street.)

I got close and parked and proceeded on foot. I was within 10 meters from the sidewalk, but I tried walking up the walkway and I got a bit closer, but I didn't want to trample the front lawn.

More details and photos will follow.

The 5000s[edit]

After work, we drove to 15th and Shaver. We walked up, took a picture, and then went out for Ethiopian food at the Blue Nile. Not every Expedition has to be an amazing adventure!


Need to be uploaded


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