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Mon 4 Oct 2010 in 49,8:
49.0302292, 8.8606864

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On a field near Diefenbach.


For quite a while, Fluxkompensator has had a bee in his bonnet to introduce his second child to the art of geohashing right after his birth.



Fluxkompensator has already dragged along his little daughter for her first geohash at the age of 14 months in a bike trailer during a very snowy winter day and thus achieved an entry in the "Youngest Geohasher Achievment List".

So for the past few months, I eagerly watched my wife's bump grow again, knowing there would soon be another chance for an entry on that very achievement list. Five days after my son Clemens was born, there was a geohash rather close to our hometown. I rented a car, packed some nappies, wife, son, GPS, and myself and off we set: It was a beautiful autumn day with warm light and coloured leaves everywhere (We'd call it a golden October day in German).

Soon after leaving Karlsruhe, we found out that the main road was closed due to roadwork and we had to find a suitable detour: This inconvenience however turned out to become a trip on scenic little roads along vineyards and through little villages. Luckily, the hashpoint was easily accessible by car - there was a small road leading right up to the field (approx. 40 meters distance).

The inhabitants of one of the newly built houses right next to the field were watching quite curiously from their garden deck chairs: wondering what the hell two adults and a baby we were doing in a muddy field in the middle of nowhere, taking photos...

On the way back home we treated ourselves to a box of Schokoküsse sold out of a car parked next to the countryside road (Schokomobil). Yummy!

Fluxkompensator earned the Youngest Geohash Achievement
by geohashing on 2010-10-04 with his son, aged , 5 days.
2010-10-04 49 8 h hashpoint-baby.jpg



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