2010-10-01 34 -106

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Fri 1 Oct 2010 in 34,-106:
34.9963978, -106.6109123

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An open field in the Mesa del Sol development south of Albuquerque.



Had a free Friday and wanted to get out for an adventure with the boy. He's always up for a trip to "find the HASH", so I checked up on the local hashes and found that this one seemed the most amenable. There were a number of companies around, but the hash itself was in a big open field that looked totally doable. There's only one way to find out for sure!


The drive down from Rio Rancho was totally uneventful. We got out to Mesa del Sol and found our way to what looked like the most likely approach fairly easily. It was indeed in an undeveloped section near the water tower out there. We actually found a side road that took us within a few hundred feet of the hash itself. We jumped out, walked over to the hash, and did our little happy dance. Then we headed back to the car and got outta there. Turns out that we found a no trespassing sign after the fact that probably covered the field we were in (it was a little ambiguous where it was applying to). Ah well. Ooops.


The track is located here.