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2010-09-30 43 -79 0.7 D.jpg

Thu 30 Sep 2010 in 43,-79:
43.6581490, -79.3351545

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Toronto Studio District: Eastern Ave, near Winnifred Ave. Seems to be a studio building of Toronto Film Studio...



Hiro has been staying in Toronto over a month now, and finally there was a geohash in reasonable distance to downtown Toronto! And Splitdipless also seems to be coming along :)

Yup, I'm in. I finish work after 4:30pm. I can be there at 5:30pm at the latest. Splitdipless 17:27, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

Meeting on the street between 5.15 and 5.30 it is then! Anybody else wants to join us? :) And any ideas on what to do if they don't want to let us in? I thought of flying a kite over the building and making it a Geohash by proxy achievement, would that count?! --HiroProtagonist 18:42, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

Actually, it would also be a Fly a kite achievement. Splitdipless 19:40, 30 September 2010 (UTC)



After work, I got in my 'Em,' my car, as fast as I could and took off down the road. I had other people from the Internet to meet. Finding a quiet residential street to park on, I walked towards Eastern Ave. and the film studio lots. I didn't even need to cross the road, as just ahead of me was Hiro and a school chum looking for a break in traffic to cross.

After introductions were made, we walked down a bit to some lights to cross and check out access. The front building looked boarded up, and the first gate we came to was chained and locked. Walking down a bit to Pape Ave., we took a look at the newer building, but it too looked very unused, and the gate in front of it was also chained and locked. We made our way back to the first gate, as it was 'closer.' We were off by about 100 m.

Hiro had an interesting little print-off for proof that she attached to the chain-link gate, we took some very important photo evidence, then went on our merry way. Me to my car, and the others to public transit.

It's sooo cool to finally run into another Geohasher, and I hope it happens again.


Leaving for my first Toronto geohash - even my first North American geohash - I quickly went into the garden (to check whether the laundry was dry) and there were three absolutely cute (hash)cats I had never seen before. So that's good luck I guess :)

I met with my drag along Thomas at Queens Park station and we used the wonderful Toronto method of public transport navigation: Go as far south - or north respectively - as you need to go (Queen Street) and then transfer into a street car/bus/etc and go as far east - or west respectively - as you need to go. I just love the fact you can go almost anywhere in Toronto just changing once XD. We got off at Caroline Ave and walked the one block south to Eastern Ave, where the building of the Toronto Film Studios could be seen. While we just tried to figure out how to cross the street, Splitdipless came up from behind and... pushed us on the street in front of the cars. No, of cause he didn't, because as always when meeting strangers from the internet they turn out to be very nice! :)

Going to the next traffic light intersection we passed a not really trustworthy looking "Battery Tech" shop, but they promised "Fully warranted ■■■■■■■■■ Batteries" and something or other is "Fully ■uaranteed" there aswell. Happy to know this we crossed the street and went back to the Toronto Film Studios and looked at it from different angles through locked gates :( Although there were a lot of trucks around, nobody was to be seen on the actual side, but they were shooting on a nearby street. Don't think we made it to be in the background of any movie coming out soon, though...

Before leaving we affixed my active gohasher marker (which impressed Splitdipless a lot) and took stupid grin photos of course - and I must say my drag along did really well for having no Stupid Grin (TM) experience XD

Going back should have been easy enough but we missed to get off the street car until we had gone up to Spadina Ave and ended up each walking home from there...





Splitdipless earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting HiroProtagonist, and her Drag-Along at the (43, -79) geohash on 2010-09-30.
2010-09-30 43 -79 stupid grins.jpg
Splitdipless, HiroProtagonist and her Drag-Along earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (43, -79) geohash on 2010-09-30.
2010-09-30 43 -79 0.7 E.jpg
HiroProtagonist and her Drag-Along earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -79) geohash on 2010-09-30 via Subway and street car.
2010-09-30 43 -79 streetcar.jpg
HiroProtagonist earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Thomas to the (43, -79) geohash on 2010-09-30.
2010-09-30 43 -79 0.7 C.jpg