2010-09-28 33 -84

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Tue 28 Sep 2010 in Atlanta:
33.7653861, -84.3518291

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In the backyard of a house in the Little Five Points area.



I had some time around lunch time to make it out to this hash spot. I found the house that Geohash spot was on. I parked and walked up to the door and knocked. I then waited, and waited. I knocked again. My fear realized that during the day, most people are not home. I looked at my eTrex and had 72 feet to go. Not close enough.

I had driven around the area and had looked at google maps to know that there was an apartment complex that was also possible to make the 10 meter requirement. I drove down the street and around the corner to the complex. Well, what do you know... a gated complex. I parked and walked up to the gate. I took a picture of my eTrex to show how close I had come to the hash spot. I walked back and forth around the building but there was no way to walk in with out a gate code.

Finally someone walked out of the building that lived there and I asked them if there was any way to make it into the parking lot. They said that the leasing office was open and I could go talk to them.

I walked over and talked to a leasing agent and she would be happy to show me around only after I gave her vital information and my first born. I also had to give my drivers license to her. So I pretended to be interested in a 2 bed room apartment. We walked back to the apartment. I even took pictures of the inside, pretending to be interested.

I then said that I had seen enough and wanted to see the green spaces, especially the back parking lot. Thankfully they are leasing garden spaces at the back lot for $75 for the growing season. I walked over to take a look at it. I had my eTrex in my coat pocket and I reached into and opened up the pocket enough to see that I still had 66 feet to go.

I then mentioned that there was a wall of grills in the back. I was told that they are for the use of the tenants of the complex and could use any of them that didn't have a lock on them. The ones that had a lock on them did not belong to the apartment complex but the individual tenants. I walked over to take a picture of them. I walked over to the one closest to the wall and started making comments about it. It didn't have a lock thankfully which meant that it belonged to the complex. I walked over to it and opened it up noticed that it was a propane grill and asked about it. You have to supply your own propane.

I walked around back of it to see how easy it would be to hook up the propane tank. As I leaned over I pulled out my eTrex from my pocket. 30 feet to go. I'm in the 10 meter requirement. I tell the leasing agent that I want to take a picture of the propane hook up she explains that it is a standard connection and I say I still want a picture. She says "Okay..." I kneel down behind the grill and pull out the eTrex and snap a picture. I see it as 29 feet to go. I did not look at the picture. I should have it was nothing but blurred.

I said that I had seen enough and make it back to the leasing office. I get my license back and she asks me if she can send me a few more pictures in my email. I said that I think that I have taken enough. She says that she promises not to "Stalk" me. I question "Stalk?". She says, "Well, I didn't tell you but I am a single woman. I noticed that you were not married." I said "Alrighty then... Well it was nice but I need to go."

She emailed me pictures anyway.