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Mon 27 Sep 2010 in Nürnberg:
49.4917467, 11.1360096

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North-east of Nürnberg in the Reichswald




My second geohash. This time the distance was a bit larger, I think about 15 km. Afternoon, when I had free time I printed out a map of the exact coordinates and grabbed my bike. The way was well-known to me until the last 200m, because I already took it several times.
After the first arduous climb I made a short break and enjoyed the view over the whole valley. Another exhausting climb and a lot of forest later I was nearly there and the only thing that worried me was the weather, for the sky looking quite dark at some times, but luckily it did not rain. To get to the hash I took a path frequently used by horses and about 5:30pm I reached the exact spot, that was only a few meters off the path in the forest. I got off my bike and took some pictures with the bad cam of my mobile, showing the spot and my bike for proof.
Back it was the same, so nothing really exciting happened and nobody was anywhere close to the hash.