2010-09-24 53 -113

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Fri 24 Sep 2010 in Edmonton:
53.4625043, -113.6475788

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Just back from work up north, fighting nightshift-lag, hangovers and racing to be home for the start of the aussie rules grand final we still want to get a hash before I leave for oz in a few days. With limited time, we saw that this was not too far away and in a field, so easily accessible.





Another hash for a local taking his aussie friend out on a good excuse for random sightseeing. This was my second hash and second in a field surrounding Edmonton! This time though, there were pre-made tracks through the field so it was easy to walk though without trampling any crops... and as luck would have the tracks took us all the way to the spot! We made it back in time to watch the aussie rules grandfinal and a partake in a beverage or two.