2010-09-19 45 -122

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Sun 19 Sep 2010 in 45,-122:
45.5101048, -122.8295401

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Amid some trees near a huge field on the Nike Campus



Access may be a problem. I called Nike, and they said no access without an employee, so we may be stuck.


Elegant Forkbomb[edit]

  • Walked the 2.16km to the hashpoint from my house. Took some pictures from the visitor's entrance side. -- Elegant Forkbomb, 00:06, 20 September 2010


Ahoy, well, I started out by headin' for some brunch at a near by Dim Sum place. After that, I started tryin' t' program the Gps. Howe'er, Me disco'ard that the batteries war pretty much dead.

Not a problem. Me had put two spare, non-rechargeable batteries int' my bag just a few days earlier so I'd have some spares. I started replacin' batteries, tryin' all the combinations. Still no luck.

Great: four dead batteries. Howe'er, thar was a nearby store on the other side o' the Nike campus that I could get some new ones. A little dri'in' later and Ie got a workin' Gps and I'm able t' program it.

Now, Me need t' make my way t' the hashpoint. Me knew that part o' the campus was used for fields for 'arious kids teams, and I was hopin' maybe that part would be open, while the rest was closed, and that the person on the phone was talkin' about the non-field part.

I found a public road t' park along, and walked along past a child care center. Next t' the center was a pathway. I followed it, carefully inspectin' all the signs for indications that access wasn't allowed. The only sign was one sayin' that this was a wetland area, but I was on a pa'ed walkway, so that was just informational.

The walkway lead t' a parkin' area and a bunch o' kids waitin' around, or loadin' gear int' cars. Me continued towards the hashpoint, lookin' hard for that much-afeared signpost. But none war t' be found. Me got t' the field, and walked along another path, and found the hashpoint under a tree.

I took a picture and headed home. Gar.



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