2010-09-16 64 25

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Thu 16 Sep 2010 in Kempele, Finland:
64.9530964, 25.2941466

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Middle of forest around 3km to east from Oulu airport in Oulunsalo town.



Mrs. O


  • To reach hash point before dark
  • Reaching the geohash together with a friend


I planned to do expedition earlier in day, but manage to leave just before sunset. I was planned to do this hashing with frend. I explained to Mrs. O what Geohashing is and she came along. Normal approach to hash point: first blacktop, then gravel road and last forest road. We managed to drive 400m near hash point, and then toward point by walk. It was already dark, so headlamps were nice tools here. We tried to find some path, that leads us to hash point, but didn't found any. So GPS just showed us idiot trail to the point. After took couple of pictures, we went back to car, but this time via nice path. Before heading back to home we hunted geocache "Yksinäinen torni, Lonely tower" GC2EJV8 that was quit near the hash point.




Ossisanni earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Mrs. O to the (64, 25) geohash on 2010-09-16.