2010-09-14 45 -122

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Tue 14 Sep 2010 in 45,-122:
45.4713963, -122.9238315

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South of TV Highway in Hillsboro



Pretty close to work for Jim, so I'll try after work and see if I can get permission to access it. No camera, though.


This location was somewhat close to work, but not anywhere close enough for a Cubicle geohash of any flavor. I finished up and headed out, but an errand on the way ate up some of the waning sunlight.

I finally found the road I was looking for, and right before the hashpoint, an unmarked driveway headed off the road. I didn't see any signs, so I figured it was probably some sort of odd public access road, so I headed down it. However, the road dropped from 1.5 lanes to barely one lane and the side ditches deeper and I finally gave up and backed out to the paved road. I continued around, staying about a half a mile from the hash point, but not seeing anyone who seemed to be able to grant access.

Finally, I hit a road that knew headed towards home, and gave up.


  • No Trespassing