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Mon 13 Sep 2010 in Hamburg, Germany:
53.4423061, 10.0250776

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In a field just outside the city limits of Hamburg. It was a part of Lower Saxony that jutted into a bit of Hamburg there, near the quarter "Groß Moor".



Cycle there after work. I wanted to go cross-country from Kanzlerhofweg on the west, but a check of Google Maps's satellite view showed what seemed to be rivers crossing the field there, so I decided to start from the path at the south instead.


Cycled along the path until I was roughly abreast of the hashpoint. There were indeed quite a few watercourses - presumably drainage canals. There also seemed to be small canals between the various fields. Some of the fields had cows on them.

I finally came to what I hoped was the right field and started out. I could see why the neighbouring part of Hamburg is called Groß Moor (Great Moor) - the land was a bit boggy, and whenever it dipped a bit one could see water.

I headed straight for the mark on my satnav, and got closer and closer to the fence dividing "my" field from the next one, which had cows on it. There was also a ditch in front of the fence.

The closer I got to the hashpoint, the more I feared that it would not be in "my" field after all, but in the cows' field, and that ended up being the case.

Still, I got within about 50 m of the hashpoint, and didn't feel like backtracking all the way to the path, then all the way back in the cow field (nor did I fancy jumping over the ditch and climbing over the barbed-wire fence). I also wasn't sure what the cows would think of me. They certainly seemed curious enough - the closer I got the fence, the more cows started coming towards me.

I got as close as I could, took a couple of pictures, and started back. Not quite the same way I had come, and I ended up getting my feet a bit wet. Ah well.

And the ride uphill to my home from there was unexpectedly hard; I'm glad my regular route to and from work doesn't go that way.