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Sun 12 Sep 2010 in 42,1:
42.3299831, 1.5132765

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The bridge of Ortedó, or very close to it.


  • relet 16:10, 12 September 2010 (UTC)



Having overnighted in Seu d'Urgell, this hashpoint was right around the corner. I basically drove up the mountainside on a small rode. All about the area, there were many Reinhard-lookalikes and their team vehicles racing up and down the hills. The hash itself lay next to a quieter side-road leading only to a single village of 32 inhabitants up in the mountains. Upon seeing the hash area with my own eyes, I realized that the reason for the bend in the road was a deep canyon, containing the river Ortedó, and that's where I expected my hash to be.

I had almost decided to scramble down along the side of the bridge on a tiny path disappearing at a ledge half-way down. Reconsidering my options, and the possibility of getting back up again, I decided to first check along the road which point would be closest to the hash, and if there wasn't another more direct approach. Turns out that got me within an inaccuracy range of 12m (I guess half of the satellites were shielded by the mountainside), right in front of a steepness of loose sand and rocks. I considered scrambling just a bit further down to the next set of trees, which wouldn't be entirely stupid, but didn't see the point if the inaccuracy wasn't going to go down. It didn't, and thus I stayed on the edge and awarded me the gold star of sanity for not falling into the stupidity distance trap.

And on to 2010-09-12 42 2.




The bridge over the canyon 
A nice view 
Down there? 
No need. 
Hence, stupid grin.