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Thu 9 Sep 2010 in Turku, Finland:
60.1353974, 22.9979195

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Map. The location seems to be on a forest path near Strömma channel. Jusu thinks he's been there before. Salo-Teijo-Strömma cycling route goes through the hashpoint.

What the heck. I looked Thursday's coordinates on Wednesday (2010-09-08). They were 60.1941066 22.8828243. By Thursday (2010-09-09) they had changed to 60.1353974, 22.9979195. I obviously have something to learn here.

Nevertheless, now the hashpoint is even easier to reach. It is on a road called Särkisalontie. See map.



Drive nearby by car on Thursday evening. Then there will be about 700 m - 1 km walking or cycling.

Aiming for Speed racer achievement on Thursday evening. Speed limit is 80 km/h.


I drove through the hashpoint around 18:45 o'clock. Nothing special there.

Believe or not, I might have driven the same route today even if the hashpoint hadn't been there. Namely, my destination was a public sauna on the sea shore. It is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings on September. (The sauna of my normal summer and winter swimming place by a lake is closed on September.) Well, I have some kind of flu, but some sauna and quick swim won't make it worse, I guess... Water temperature was 16°C. It was much warmer just few weeks ago. It's getting colder rather quickly when there's wind and coldish nights.

Surprisingly, I have some very bad quality pictures of the sauna location also in 2010-08-12 60 22, and in Where's in a name geocache log.


I have a tracklog. Let's see whether I'll upload it somewhere some day.


Series of bad photos continues.


Jusu earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (60, 22) geohash on 2010-09-09 at 80 km/h.
09092010634 hashpoint.jpg