2010-09-06 42 -72

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2010-09-06 42 -72 house.jpg

Mon 6 Sep 2010 in 42,-72:
42.0692489, -72.5129623

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Inside a suburban house in East Longmeadow, MA.


Sara and her son.


Quick and not too interesting.

This was very near our house, so my son and I stopped by in the middle of doing errands. The hashpoint is inside the house, and although I saw people in the back yard, I didn't ask them for permission to go into the house, or even to go into their yard. We simply took some photos from the street and left.

The only interesting thing about this hashpoint is the street name, "Speight Arden". There's no "Road", "Street", "Lane", etc. in the name, which is unusual. From Google Translation, I can't tell if "Speight" or "Arden" means anything in any language. Does it?

I have often asked people for permission to geohash on their property, and have always gotten a friendly response. The reason I didn't ask this time was that the hashpoint was so close to home. If I were a homeowner who had never heard of geohashing, I'd feel differently about "I'm playing this game on the Internet, and I have driven for an hour and a half just to get to your yard, because your yard is so special today" than about "I'm playing this game on the Internet, and by the way I live 7 km away, and I came over here to walk around your yard"