2010-09-05 42 -88

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Sun 5 Sep 2010 in 42,-88:
42.2590839, -88.8682876

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Spencer Park in Belvidere, Illinois.



After having been the proud owner of my first GPS-capable device, an iPhone 4, for a few months, I remembered Geohashing a few weeks ago and waited until a hash ended up in a nearby, public place. Today's Schaumburg hash was in the middle of Spencer Park in Belvidere, not very far away, so I decided to take a ride.

Usually, most hashes in this part of the country are in farmland, which is private property, which I'd rather not trespass on, but today's was free, public, and presumably not full of people. Or so I thought.

It appears that there was quite the family gathering at the park this day. If I wasn't shy and autistic and all that, I'd've socialized and asked someone who they were, but I refrained, opting to just find the hash point and skedaddle.

By my calculation, the exact hash point was directly at the point where some people were playing catch or tee-ball or something to that effect, so I got as close as I dared, snapped the screengrab, and went on my way.

On the way back, I got a cherry limeade at Sonic, which may or may not count as a "squishie".



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