2010-09-04 50 20

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Sat 4 Sep 2010 in 50,20:
50.0448326, 20.0126721

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In the middle of river Wisła (Vistula) in Kraków, near power plant Łęg.



I had luck because I had opportunity to visit a hash in another graticule, without getting out of my city. When I cycled along Wisła, I saw an old barge which had accidentally unhooked when water has risen, and now was blocking Dąbie lock. Now water dropped very much, but apparently not enough for towing it away.

After a kilometer or two I was near the power plant. I crossed the embankment and after few minutes got as close to geohash as I could. There I had a little trouble, because as water had risen and dropped, everything near the river got covered with mud. A good side of it was I could write on it with a stick, but bad side was that mud got on my shoes and wheels. Though I wasn't able to reach the hash personally, I threw a stick onto the hashpoint

I had nothing more to do there, so I cycled home.



Is it true that Felinator earned the Virgin Graticule?
In principle, yes.
But hash was in the middle of river and he couldn't actually reach it. (2010-09-04 50 20).