2010-09-04 45 -123

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Sat 4 Sep 2010 in 45,-123:
45.0448326, -123.0126721

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Off a highway near Salem down a steep embankment.



Travel down to Salem later this afternoon, and then go to the state fair.


Well, my trip started out, as many do, with a drive past one of the graveyards of Washington County. I then continued south and eventually ended up on Hwy 5. Which wasn't what Google wanted me to do, but something went awry with the directions and that's where I ended up. I also found myself in at least 3 different counties on this trip (Washington, Yamhill, and Marion)

I pulled onto a side road once the GPS dropped to a couple of miles away and followed the GPS, which sometimes actually worked. Eventually, the GPS pointed off the road and I pulled off to look.

I found that I was 300 feet away and was staring at a very steep embankment, protected by a wall of blackberry. I also found the remains of a deer which must have been hit on the road. I went down a near by road to try to approach the hashpoint from lower ground, but it wasn't any better.

I gave up and headed northward to run an errand and get some dinner.


Once I convince my phone to spit them out.


  • No trespassing