2010-09-02 43 -79

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Thu 2 Sep 2010 in 43,-79:
43.8657607, -79.2877049

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Beside a Pizza Hut, in a small strip mall, at Highway 7 and McCowan Rd. in Markham.





What a day to decide to go on an expedition. Sometime after Volleyball, and after the post-game pub, after I viist my brother to pick up his luggage for a trip tomorrow, and after I drop off a volleyball player to her home, I will (in my volleyball gear) go and sneak around to try and get to the point. The corner looks very commercial, so I'll probably be walking around some very deserted professional offices.



So, after all the things I had to do, as described in the Plans section, I simply parked in the parking lot for the strip mall, calibrated my GPS, and started wandering around. I was in my beach volleyball outfit still, and I was soaked through because it had rained at the beach. Plus, my beach volleyball outfit doesn't have pockets, as pockets would trap sand, so I'm wet and carrying my GPS, camera and keys.

It took me a whole minute to realize that the point would be along the side of the building with the Pizza Hut. There was a bit of a path, but unfortuneately, the path only got to within 7 meters. To get right on top of the point, I had to tread carefully over wet and muddy ground right beside the building. It would seem that this patch of ground is meant to drain water away, which it does terribly.

After getting the requisite pictures, I hopped back into 'Em,' my car, and headed home. I would say into the sunset, but it was already dark.





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