2010-09-01 -36 174

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Wed 1 Sep 2010 in -36,174:
-36.8186082, 174.8009115

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[edit] Location

Waitemata Golf course, Devonport Peninsula, North Shore City, Auckland

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[edit] Plans

This hash isn't too far from my house. Will go home after work and pick up camera, compass and running gear (multi-task potential), and drive down to the golf course. Take a bearing of 270 degrees from the driveway of 32 Wairoa, and wander along this bearing until I reach the path shown in satellite image below.

Hoping there will be no fences to thwart this effort like on other occassions

[edit] Expedition

Picked up camera and compass. Drove to destination, took bearing a followed it. There wasn't a fence around the golf course, instead there was a ditch where I almost got my new bright white running shoes dirty (catastrophe averted however). Ambled along the golf course to the intersection of the tracks, as seen in the google map. I aligned myself at the correct spot and took a photo of my shadow. Was around 16:30 so the shadow shows me to be much taller than I actually am. Hash achieved, and i didnt even seem to draw any unwanted attention from the golfers. No balls came my way either. Back to the car and off for a run to Mt Victoria and back, with token photo of Auckland taken from the top. Nice easy hash.

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[edit] Achievements

Greenslime earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2010-08-31.
Greenslime earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (-36, 174) geohash on 2010-09-01.