2010-08-29 43 11

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Sun 29 Aug 2010 in 43,11:
43.9542821, 11.1512477

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An unpaved small road in the hills around Florence, Italy.


Eleven other people (including a baby).


We felt that my birthday would be a good excuse to try out our first geohashing, along with a picnic. On Sunday morning, after checking the coordinates, we left Florence by car, hoping to find an enjoyable place.


The location was easily found, and it was exactly over a small road, surrounded by forest and some olive trees. We left our cars, and started looking around for a place to stay. We met some friendly people that live in a house along the road, and they directed us towards a nice open space inside the forest, where we spent the afternoon. Their dog tagged along with us.



  • Land Geohash
  • Largest Geohashing party?
Zaphod earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (43, 11) geohash on his 28th birthday, 2010-08-29.
2010-08-29 43 11 picnic.jpg