2010-08-29 34 -107

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Sun 29 Aug 2010 in 34,-107:
34.9542821, -107.1512477

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On a dirt road in the NE corner of hash, not far from the intersection of NM-6 and I-40.



I wasn't really planning on doing any hashing today, but I saw that the Magdalena hash was so dead easy that I figured I'd go on out there for a speed racer and head for home again.


I took off straight from church with the two boys still in the back seat. We tooled on out I-40 and got there in no time flat. I found the little subdivision (if you call it that...section?), and drove on out close to the spot. I was still hoping for the speed racer (although I wasn't sure how I'd get the picture with nobody else to work the camera), but I found when I got close to the spot that the actual hash was located in the middle of a rather large mud puddle that covered the road. We drove through it, but I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture on the way through--or stopping and getting out to be in the actual spot (Sunday clothes and all). SO, we pulled over close and I took the GPS and grin pictures from a good enough location. I did stop a little way off and take a picture of the whole puddle, too. Good times!