2010-08-27 42 23

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Fri 27 Aug 2010 in 42,23:
42.7009501, 23.0454791

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The hashpoint is in a field next to a third-world road close to the village of Klisura, close to a military site.


Joro and Stella


The target is around 25 km away from sofia and we're leaving around 7:30, so we plan to be there around 8:30


  • Starting point: "Mladost", picking up Stella from her work.
  • 19:30 :: Go time. Picking up Stella, but have to go to my place first to get the GPS and get the exact coordinates.
  • 19:45 :: We arrive at my place, pick up the gps, write down the exact coordinates on a piece of paper and are ready to go.
  • 19:50 :: Input the hash coordinates, get a route planned. We have to go through all of Sofia, but we don't know better, so listen to the voice from the box.
  • 20:10 :: Exiting Sofia. Unfortunately, the route the GPS planned for us is being repaired and is closed for construction works. We have to find an alternate route. We decided to go straight ahead and wait for the GPS to recalculate an alternate route, not involving making a U-turn.
  • 20:45 :: After going through a few rural areas and enjoying the most awesome view ever, we pass by the military compound. The road becomes just dirt with no asphalt whatsoever, but it's still registered on the map, which is kinda strange.
  • 21:00 :: We notice some freaky antenna on top of the nearly hill, which Stella takes for a windmill or something. She's kinda disappointed by the fact that it isn't in fact a windmill
  • 21:05 :: The road is quite crappy - just dirt, huge holes, so we have to drive very slowly.
  • 21:15 :: The Car navigation informs us that "You have reached your destination". I quickly realize that I need a different kind of GPS for this kind of stuff - walking with the car nav is anything but convenient. I have to press 'Find my location' every time I want the current position updated.
  • 21:20 :: We're walking through the field. There are quite a few thorny plants which are quite bent on sticking their pointy things in our flesh. Stella whines a lot about them :D
  • 21:25 :: We wander around the field. A huge thorny plant is something we decide could be our target, but isn't. Despite of that, we take some pictures with it
  • 21:30 :: Finally we manage to pin-point the exact location. Take the mandatory picture and drop a sleeping bag so we can sit there and idle for a while. The sun has already set, but there's still residual light to the west, so we decide to watch that for some time.
  • 21:45 :: It gets a little darker, Stella freaks out and becomes scared as hell, screaming from every little movement. I have some fun creeping the life out of her, while talking about vampires and stuff. We decide to go back to the car - she's running like the devil is chasing her.
  • 21:55 :: We look at the moon above the city light - a very beautiful sight. We stop to take some pictures, but the camera fails us and they suck a lot.
  • 22:00 :: We get lost in one of the villages on our way back - the navigation tries to make us go through a steel gate. After some wandering around, we get to ask some locals what way we should go. They give us some directions, and we're back on our way. The rest of the trip is quite uneventful.



Joro & Stella earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, 23) geohash on 2010-08-27.