2010-08-23 35 -106

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Mon 23 Aug 2010 in 35,-106:
35.2646382, -106.7564476

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Just off a dirt road outside of Rio Rancho city limits



Another crazy day at work, but I will try to break away a little early. It's fairly close and easy so I'd love to run it from home and finally get a walk geohash, but I don't know that I'll have the time in the evening.


Got out of work and home a little early, but it was threatening thunderstorms in the distance so I didn't figure that it would be wise to run to the hash today. We had some dinner, then I decided to head out and attempt the hash even with the storms coming. I figured that if it looked too ugly when the pavement ended, we'd turn around and come home. No harm, no foul. With that as the plan, I piled the 3 yr old in the car and drove west from home. It was all of 7 miles or so to the hash, but from the start I saw that the storm was closer than I'd thought. We hit it just a mile or two out. It was raining HARD. I kept going anyway, mainly because I noticed that I could still see the sun shining faintly in the west. Sure enough, we passed through the storm after a few miles of heavy downpour and came out to find it somewhat damp, but quite nice, on the other side. The dirt roads were only moist and still very driveable, so we headed down them and found ourselves 50 ft from the hash. The lightning was putting on a show all to the south and east of us, and there was HUGE rainbow across the entire sky. We couldn't even see the mountain through the clouds. I took a whole bunch of pictures, then headed back east to go home. Easy enough, right? Ummm...not so much. The rain was still pouring down in buckets on the drive home, and when I got within a mile or two of home I found my way roadway blocked by heavily flowing water. Uh-oh. I wasn't going to chance trying to drive across it, so I turned around and tried to go another route only to find that way flooded was well. We were stuck in a traffic jam for about 20-30 min, then tried a third route that was blocked, too. We finally ended up driving a few miles west again to find a way south and around all the flooded arroyos. Talk about a gully-washer! It was nice to finally make it home safe and sound, if a little later than expected.


The track is located here.