2010-08-21 44 -87

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Sat 21 Aug 2010 in 44,-87:
44.0014348, -87.7931139

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In a church near St. Nazianz, Wisconsin.



Seeing as we had no idea what that odd building was, show up, hope the grounds were public, and take some photos.


Oh, lord. Literally.

We started out from PainJain's house at around 3 PM. We followed I-43 for about an hour and a half, stopping in Saukville for some Taco Bell action. The lady wasn't very polite, but we didn't have to deal with her too long before we were back on the way. At some point, Bassoon, who is a cemetery aficionado, spotted a tiny cemetery set off of I-43 a bit. He made a mental note to stop on the way back.

We eventually took exit 144 and made our way to St. Nazianz (or as we'd fondly dubbed it, "St. Nasty Ass"). Eventually, we rolled up to the hash and found it looking suspiciously like a church.

Oh no. Oh god no.

Everyone started freaking out. We had no idea what the building actually was. From the overhead view Google Maps had, it looked like a stadium or some sort of track. But it wasn't. It was a church. A freaking church, man! Not only that. A church with a service happening inside!

Seeing as the hash was inside the building, we tried to figure out where exactly the hash fell. With a little investigation, we realized the hash fell inside the room where the service was occurring. No way. NO WAY.

We decided to come back a little later after getting food in Manitowoc. If we could get the priest's permission to enter the hall and take a photo, we'd qualify for ambassador, too!

So we left and got Culver's in Manitowoc. When we came back, the service was over and a few people remained standing by the door. After waiting a few minutes to let the random passersby disperse, we tried the doors. Locked. Darn. After the passersby drove off, we walked around the back of the church, by the windows to the hall. It was the closest we could get, but it would have to do. Besides, a sign for the church cemetery declared it to be open until dusk. So we were in the green for our hashing photos on church property!

We took the requisite photos and then made our way back home. We checked for possible squishy vendors within 5 kilometers of the church, but alas, rural Wisconsin did not deliver. On the way back, we stopped at the little cemetery at the side of the road. Quite an interesting place.

Because we didn't enter the church while it was open, we weren't able to reach the coordinates. But the trip did manage to strike the fear of God into our heathen souls.



Bassoon, Dedehawk, and PainJain earned the Unholy Aura Consolation Prize
by being unable to enter a Catholic church due to terror of a higher being striking their heathen souls down at the (44, -87) geohash on 2010-08-21.