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2010-08-18 45 -73

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2010-08-18 45 -73 eglise.jpg

Wed 18 Aug 2010 in 45,-73:
45.2993652, -73.6767274

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[edit] Location

In a field (of fava beans?) very near the school in Saint-Isidore, Québec.

[edit] Participants

Sara, her husband, and her son and daughter.

[edit] Planning

This was the first full day of our family vacation. We had left home the previous evening, and with kids sleeping in the back seat we had driven to Plattsburgh, NY, about an hour south of Montreal. In the morning, our ipad found a signal just south of the US/Canada border, and we were pleased to discover a conveniently-located hashpoint that appeared from Google satellite view to be accessible by children.

[edit] Expedition

I didn't mention anything about geohashing to the border agent. I just said we were headed to Montreal to start our vacation.

We parked at the school in Saint-Isidore. I have never before seen a school with a corn field extending right up to the building.

This was a fun way to begin our vacation, and it turned out that our next convenient geohashing opportunity was on the way home from our vacation.

[edit] Photos