2010-08-17 45 -122

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Tue 17 Aug 2010 in 45,-122:
45.5622128, -122.4502247

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On McGuire Island SE of Goverment Island in the Columbia River



I had long given up on even trying for this hash when in the middle of the day I found that I had to go into Portland for an errand. So, I printed out a Google Maps page, and headed out.


How did it turn out?

Let's see. A hashpoint on an island in the middle of the Columbia by someone without a boat. How do you think this was going to turn out?

So, the first thing I did was to call the Oregon Parks department to find out info. The islands didn't appear to be part of the nearby Government Island Recreation area, but I figured the department might know about them.

They thought it were called McGuire Island and accessing them was fine. (Assuming you have a way to get there....  :-) )

So, with my Google maps sheet in hand, I headed to Portland, taking a break to program the GPS. But first I needed to head to the "Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace" for blueberries. As I walked to the market, I started to program the GPS. I got to the last digit of the coordinates when the screen faded.

Oops - dead batteries. I guess I'll program it when I get back to the car.

A half hour later, I dig the spare pair of batteries out of the camera box. The GPS turns on, but shows very low batteries. Great. That's two sets of dead batteries. Finally, I pull the batteries from the camera which seem to be fully charged and bring the GPS to life.

I switch batteries to the Camera for a picture or so when I'm on the way, then return them to the GPS.

I head into Portland, handle my errand, and continue on (in the gloom) to the Columbia. It's dark by the time I get there. I drive by the hashpoint at a distance of about 0.33 miles or so, take some pictures that mostly prove hopeless, and head homeward.



  • MNB? Not really
  • Kingdom for a boat? Wasn't unexpected...