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Mon 16 Aug 2010 in 42,23:
42.5707954, 23.3459473

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The hashpoint is in a field near Bistrica, Sofia. There's an road nearby and a parking (it seems).


Vesko and Ivet


We plan to go there around 18-19h


  • Starting point: "Students' City" district of Sofia.
  • 19:10 :: Let's go! We jump in the car and prepare for the 15km drive to Bistrica (which is a village near Sofia), as we set the GPS to navigate us to a parking place we saw from Google Maps, and Google measures it to be 200-300m from the hashpoint.
  • 19:30 :: The GPS software tries to save a few hundred metres by directing us through a very uneven unpaved street, parallel to the main one (in which we are going to merge eventually). At some point we just ignored further directions from the GPS.
  • 19:35 :: Parking, it's close, let's go!
  • 19:40 :: After a short cut through the woods (Ivet searched thoroughly for raspberries), we enter a field, and reach an offroad-y unpaved road through it - just at the end of the village
  • 19:45 :: We note a interesting hill not far away, and on the top of it there is a stone statue, not much unlike the Easter Island ones! Yay, we may visit this later! (Post-expedition find: this is at 42°34'24.43"N, 23°21'4.44"E)
  • 19:52 :: The last car tracks end here, but hashpoint is not far away.
  • 19:56 :: Google maps is overoptimistic about the distance from the parking; it's much more than 300m. Anyways, we're here! It seems that the hashpoint is in the middle of a patch of small bushes.
  • 19:57 :: The-patch-of-bushes theory confirmed, but sadly, we didn't bring anything to mark the spot.
  • 20:00 :: Okay, it's getting dark, let's go back
  • 20:05 :: “Should we go to the moai”? “No, let's return, it's getting late, next time”
  • 20:15 :: Back in the car, driving to Sofia through Simeonovo. We notice a very nice-looking restaurant with garden on the way Bistrica->Simeonovo, we may visit it someday.



Vesko & Ivet earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, 23) graticule, here, on 2010-08-16.