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2010-08-14 34 -84

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Sat 14 Aug 2010 in Roswell:
34.1118306, -84.6247366

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At the end of a subdivision west of Woodstock Georgia

[edit] People

Once again, the Roswell and Atlanta Graticules have got to have the most Geohash spots to where you can drive to the hash spot and not even have to get out of your vehicle.

Today was another one of them. I had the most difficult time of driving to this one(Not!). I left work and went right there. The hardest part is trying to do the GPS dance with a vehicle. It is sometimes difficult just by walking around. Try it in a car next time.

I got there a minute or two after 4pm. I waited around till 4:15pm for the slim possibility that someone might show up. I took a few pictures and then made my way back to Norcross.

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