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Tue 10 Aug 2010 in Göteborg:
57.6189153, 11.7722010

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Today's location is on the skerry island of Styrsö, belonging to Göteborg. The spot is in the middle of an irregular quadrilateral of roads, on a small hill which seems to belong to all or none of the houses around it.

Country: Sweden; län (province): Västra Götalands län (EU:SE:O); kommun: Göteborg

Weather: mostly clouded



I was touring southern Sweden with my orchestra and reached Göteborg the day before, without enough time to visit the 2010-08-09 coordinates. When I looked up the coordinates for the 10th, I was at first happy because they were so near to the city, but then disappointed because they were on an island. In the evening some of my friends decided to visit one of the islands, and an exchange student recommended Styrsö because it's the best reachable by public transport. Yay!

We took the tramway to the ferry harbour and then the ferry to Bratten harbour on Styrsö. My group then started a long walk around the island. At one point, we were standing on an intersection and a part of the group wanted to go south, away from the hashpoint, but I was able to draw most of the people on a path west, towards the hashpoint ("I want to see the nice houses there"). We stopped on the hill east of the hashpoint and rested. While a part of the group stayed there, others went to a café. I took a walk on the roads around the hashpoint, then I climbed some stairs which led me past the houses to the top of the small hill between them.

When I reached the top of the hill, I very briefly saw an animal which looked like a deer. It seemed too large for a roe deer, but I don't think it was a small elk and I don't know if there are red deer on Swedish islands. It spotted me and disappeared between the trees next to it within a second, so I couldn't take a closer look. I walked around on the hill until my GPS showed me the hashpoint, then I took some pictures. I left without meeting any Swedish people and returned to my friends.

After a while we continued our tour around the island, before we returned to Göteborg for our concert in the evening.

I reached the hashpoint by public transport (tramway ~16 km, ferry ~15.5 km) and walking (~7 km). This is my first hashpoint in Scandinavia and the 25th graticule visited.


triton tracklog

the Holux GPSr failed totally, it only saved 1 location per track :-(