2010-08-09 -37 144

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Mon 9 Aug 2010 in -37,144:
-37.8145734, 144.8604294

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In the Footscray cemetery - spooky times!


Stevage, Ellen, Mitchell and Deon (sp?). First ever geohash for Deon.


Returning from a ski weekend on the Sunday night, as I was dropping off Talex, I asked where the geohash was. It was a rare opportunity for a double geohash - hit the beach in Williamstown just before midnight, then zoom up to the cemetery in Footscray very early on Monday morning.

But...it was late. So late, that we wouldn't get to Footscray. Damn. Should have planned that better.

Fast forward 20 hours. It's Monday evening. The Footscray geohash is still live. And I still want to live the double geohash even if it doesn't "count". I ring up Mitch.

Me: Is D there? Mitch: Yes. Me: Damn. Does D want to come geohashing? Mitch: What? No! She hates the cold! <long boring conversation caused by misunderstanding: he assumed we would bicycle> Mitch: Ok, cool, let's go!

Ellen and I got Mitch and D, and got to the cemetery with no disasters.

There was an open gate, which spoiled a lot of fun. The cemetery itself has few paths, so we just wound our way through the gravestones, doing our best not to tread on anyone. Fog lent atmosphere. Rotting...something...lent even more. It may have been the nearby factories, but you could easily imagine you were smelling rotting flesh.

The point itself appeared to be within a grave, it was hard to tell exactly which one though. If I'd known about the Coffin Potato Award, I would have tried harder.