2010-08-05 40 -74

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Thu 5 Aug 2010 in 40,-74:
40.5267251, -74.6645214

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Hillsborough, near Six Mile Run.


  • Kyukket


Jevanyn: My initial recon indicated that there was a freight train line, which would have made it a relatively easy geohash to reach.


Kyukket: Here's what I got...

  • Those weren't train tracks on the map - they're power lines...
  • I wasn't going anywhere near them...

All I have are a few pics from the nearby intersection and a coordinate reading.

(There wasn't even a street sign to get a pic of =( )


Edit: Kyukket's explanation for the wild GPS range was that his phone was triangulating from cell towers, not acquiring the location from GPS satellites.