2010-08-02 33 -78

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Mon 2 Aug 2010 in 33,-78:
33.9089887, -78.7134771

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Just off Highway 9, near N. Myrtle Beach.


Jevanyn, Gwynnath and Evan


We already had plans to go to Myrtle Beach on Monday. We changed to Tuesday because of a more favorable weather forecast, and the plan included more sunburn a few hours at the beach with some of Gwynnath's family.



Heading to Myrtle Beach, SC from Wilmington, NC entails hopping up to SC-32 for a few miles, to avoid traffic/lights on US-17 through N. Myrtle Beach. What we didn't know was that Monday's geohash was so close to the route. Essentially, we got a Speed Racer retro geohash by accident, 24 hours after the fact.

After further review, the geohash was about 180m from the highway, so we weren't close enough for the Speed Racer achievement.